Display Module


rgb.color565(r, g, b)

Convert red, green and blue values (0-255) into a 16-bit 565 encoding.

class rgb.DummyPin

Can be used in place of a Pin() when you don’t want to skip it.

Display Class

This is the interface that all the display classes share.

class rgb.Display(width, height)

Run the initialization commands for the given display (ran automatically when the object is created).

pixel(x, y, color)

Get or set the value of a pixel at the given position.

fill_rectangle(x, y, width, height, color)

Draw a rectangle at specified position with specified width and height, and fill it with the specified color.


Fill the whole display with the specified color.

hline(x, y, width, color)

Draw a horizontal line.

vline(x, y, height, color)

Draw a vertical line.